by cyphmuzix

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first full length mixtape


released February 28, 2011



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cyphmuzix Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Cyphmuzix - make it rain (freestyle)
when the niggas begin to act just like bitches. and the women give in and stop fuckin niggas//then its clearly the end i remain indifferent not givin a shit im just on my business//uh im watchin my paper climb u chasin dimes im makin mine// takin time outta ya day just to hate nigga im up here a light year away// rollin up trees smoking my weed aint fuckin wit me u too focused on me// jackin my dress from my clothes to my feet levis of mine never folded and creased// just grab em and go let em fall on my kicks be it supras or nikes or some chucks or some shit// u aint heard of the word is im fuckin legit// fuck I should quit for u dudes lose a job// buy me a tiger no calvin and hobbes//just to keep watch of whats in my garage// millions and billions and trillions of cars// plants that demand to get light every hour// hydro and pyro im higher than god// no blasphemy ask for me im with the stars// made my own clouds with the breath in my lungs// a hit or a couple is never enough// smoke by the pound imma smoke bout a ton// of the meanest and greenest of stickiest stuff// keep on hittin me up like “yo dan where u at”// im on the moon as a matter of fact// fuck u think they call me moonman for?//u losers know that the ground is beyond me// beneath me? U see me? I doubt it…im gone//